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Mohair Care

Why Mohair?

Mohair is a premium natural hair-fiber that is derived from the Angora Goat. Due to its many benefits, it is highly desired in the equine industry for cinches, breast collars, etc.

Things to know:

Mohair Tack will felt over time – that is just a fact. Mohair is a naturally soft fiber and the more it is used, the more it will felt. Horse hair will collect on the back side and this is totally normal. Do not remove it. The horse hair just adds to the comfort of your horse. Felting does not impair any functionality. Here are some tips to slow down the felting of your tack:

  • Mohair is a natural fiber that does a great job at “self-cleaning”. DO NOT excessively wash your Mohair Tack. This will greatly accelerate any fading and/ or felting.
  • Keep an eye on your horse while it’s tied. Horses love to rub and rubbing can cause excess felting.
  • Mohair does not hold up well in extreme brushy or overgrown terrain, nor extremely damp climates. Keep that in mind when tacking up.
  • Do not use a brush on the front side of your Mohair Tack, this will only snag the cords.
    Mohair Tack will fade over time – also just a fact. Excessive sunlight can be harsh on just about everything, including Mohair Tack. Hand dyed or custom-dyed colors (including tie dye colors) can potentially fade faster. This is because hand dyed colors are dyed after the mohair is already twisted into cords – not allowing as good of a saturation as commercially dyed colors. Here are some tips to slow down the fading of your tack:
    • Try to avoid spraying Mohair Products with any type of fly spray. Chemicals in fly spray can accelerate any color fading.
    • Do not store your Mohair Tack outside. If you leave your Mohair Halter on your horse- it will fade faster.
    • Again – do not excessively wash your Mohair Tack. This will also accelerate any fading.

        Proper Care:

        Quick Clean: Once dry - use your fingers to gently dust off any dirt or mud. You can use a soft brush if needed on the BACK SIDE of your tack (side against the horse).

        Deep Clean: This should only be done occasionally (1- 2 times a year tops) to prevent any excess felting and/ or fading. Remove any leather pieces and place mohair into a bucket of cold water. Add a dime sized amount of horse shampoo or any brand of non-detergent natural soaps (I recommend a gentle baby shampoo). Gently swirl around and agitate using your hands. Remove from bucket, gently rinse, and lay flat to dry (out of direct sunlight).


        Proper Storage:

        Mohair products should be stored in a dry, inside location that is sealed and free of rodents and/or insects.

        Proper Usage:

        Mohair Products need to fit your horse and be used for the designated purpose. If you are unaware how to use or fit any of your Mohair Products, please ask.


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        Panhandle Cinches is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any horse related accidents or injuries involving any Panhandle Cinches’ products.
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